Friday, August 18, 2006

I am not Islamophobic

I am a Christian and I believe that I have the right and the freedom to express my personal views without being labelled as either right wing, left wing, nut case, intolerant or Islamophobic. I do not accept that I am not being Christian if I express the truth about radical Islam. When people are labelled as Islamophobic the intention is to cause the cringe factor and suppress all opposition to what is a theocracy that wants to dominate the world.

This is a technique that I have seen on a number of occasions and in different settings. As a supporter of the right of Terri Schiavo to live with her parents and not be murdered by her husband, I was vilified by people who have a point of view on the world that leads to the culture of death. There have been times when I have expressed my opinion, and the other side has extrapolated what I have stated to include "all Muslims", or even "all Baptists", or "all fundamentalists". Whatever the situation, the aim is the same - to stifle freedom of speech.

There is a difference between expressing an opinion on a matter concerning terrorism, and stirring up people to be hate-mongers. If, for example, I say that the members of Hamas and Hezbollah deserve to die, there will be bleeding hearts who will tell me that I am not being Christian. However, they do not know their Scriptures if they do not know the significance of a statement such as "they deserve to be left amongst the dogs". That is not a statement indicating that I hate anybody. The language itself comes from Scripture and is in line with how the Middle Eastern mind works. Do they understand, therefore, that the wicked will perish?

We all need to get over the cultural cringe, and we need to be able to say "no" to the demands of the Islamists. Who are we trying to fool when we turn a blind eye upon the way in which Islamists are trying to take over western society? That does not mean that any of us has the right to go out on the street and abuse women who are stupid enough to wear a burqua or a hijab. I am not advocating any form of violence against others, for we are the ones that need to set the example to the Muslims. Only by setting a good example and by working with them at a level that shows respect will we succeed at putting an end to the attempt to force the whole world under Islam.

I make no bones about the fact that I believe that the goal of Osama Bin Laden and his minions, as well as the leadership of Iran and Syria have only one thing in mind - to dominate the world and force all of us into submission. Under such a system Christians will not be allowed to worship in peace unless they are prepared to act as Dhimmis and pay the necessary tax. It will mean becoming second class citizens. For women it will mean losing their jobs, for no woman is allowed to work. It also means facing the reality of being bashed in the streets for showing the slightest amount of flesh.

For a long time the Muslim community has acted out their offended sensibilities scenario. They continue to create situations that will turn them into being the victims. Be aware though, that there are Muslims who do not act offended over some of these situations. So why is it that the young men and women are being stirred up so that they are willing to commit acts of violence? Last summer, here in Sydney, we had riots at Cronulla between Middle Eastern individuals (read Lebanese) and others. This was a scene that included Indians, Tongans and a whole mix of races. People went to Cronulla to settle some scores. Over a period of years there had been an increase in friction between the Middle Eastern types and the rest of us. These Lebanese men, mostly from around the Auburn area migrate to the big shopping centres, where they have create havoc with their thieving and bashings of their victims. My sons were also attacked by them but did well in standing up to the attempted robbery. What has occurred at Castle Hill has been repeated in a number of areas. Thus, we see the beginnings of tensions between the races. In this case the Middle Eastern men who had bashed the lifeguard at Cronulla had crossed the line, and when there was a reaction to the situation, the press, the pollies and the bleeding hearts went into overdrive - to protect the people who were most responsible for the situation.

The people involved are only a small section of the Muslim community. However, they are a very vocal group. If anyone says anything at all about their poor behaviour they will bleat that they are being victimized. Closer scrutiny reveals that the culprits are those who regularly attend certain mosques, and in particular they attend the Lakemba mosque. The riots tended to follow sessions at the mosque, which is an indication that the imam of the mosque is culpable for stirring up the passions of the men who listen to him.

If Muslims are allowed to refer to Jews and Christians as pigs etc. then why is it that they feel so hurt if people say it the way that they see it? This hurt is a sham. The most radical of the Muslims get into the streets where they burn flags (especially those belonging to Israel and the USA), the riot, loot, burn buildings, throw stones, and they rape the women of other races. The most alarming thing is that they are continuing to make veiled threats against the western governments. The leader of Iran has made veiled threats to George Bush that are clearly meant to mean - you either surrender and submit to Islam or you will die. The same kind of threats have been issued to John Howard.

Britain has a worse problem than Australia, because the cultural cringe in Britain is also rooted in the politically correct philosophy that has taken hold within the west. There is a true fear of being able to express oneself because to do so brings condemnation and riots. If action is taken against those who are plotting to murder thousands of people, the Muslim community in Britain become galvanized, taking to the streets with their protests and falsely claiming that they are being unfairly targeted. This behaviour is enabled by members of parliament, such as George Galloway, who seem to accept what the most radical elements in Great Britain say, without doing any form of critical analysis. Thus, after the arrests of over 20 people relating to a very serious plot, we see the attempt to smear the effort that is being made to protect the citizens of Great Britain, and this comes on top of the outrageous demands of the leaders of the community.

The British government seem to be very good at being appeasers when it comes to handling this unruly mob. They ignore the lessons of the past with their attempt to fall over backwards for a community that puts being Muslim above everything else. The radicals use being a Muslim as a method of hiding their real aims, for they are connected to Osama Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda network. So long as the British government continues to pander to this community and refuses to deport the imams who spread hatred, and those who are involved in the rioting back to their countries of origin, there will not be peace in Britain. They have to stop pretending that the young riot because they have nothing else to do, or that it is the responsibility of the government to give them money to be freeloaders.

Most western governments seem to lack the will or desire to deal with this increasing problem. Offense is taken at anything and everything so that there is a continuous stream of excuses for rioting. There is no serious questioning about this whole situation and the radical Islamofacists have proved that in nearly every country they are able to wield a stick and riot at will. The western media are complicit in the radicalization of young Muslims because they are willing to publish articles that are based upon a slanted view of the world. There is no better example of how the false pride and feelings of victimization were stirred up than the pictures that filtered into the press in relation to a bombing raid at Qana. The press have done nothing to retract the lies that more than 60 women and children died. The figures were doubled by Mr. Green Helmet, who seems suspiciously like a front for Hezbollah. The press have not published a correction of these figures. The fauxtographs from Qana indicate that the press was also complicit in the staging of several photo opportunities, as the bodies of children were being abused as they were put on display and then used in filming runs, being passed from one man to another.

I find that a broad brush is often painted against anyone who dares to speak out against the rise of the facists within Islam. Yes, they are facists, and yes there is a very close connection to Adolf Hiter and the SS. If I am referring to the Islamofacists I am not referring to the whole of the Muslim community. I am dealing with a section of that community who behave in a very wicked way, since they are the ones who live in the West, hate the West and want to turn every nation in the west into an Islamic state.

Hate speech is about stirring up the emotions of the listeners of that speech so that they will go out and riot and cause scenes of destruction. It happened when Jesus was convicted as though he was a criminal. The members of the Sanhedrin stirred up the people in order to get them to shout "Crucify Him". This is what is happening inside of a variety of mosques around the world.

At issue is not the religious system, but the political motivation of the stirrers. The difficulty with Islam is the way in which people identify with Islam first, and not of their own country. In other words, a second generation British born man, of Pakistan origin, wrongly identifies with the situation in Lebanon and Palestine because the imams stirs him up and tells him that Israel is attacking Islam, rather than a group of politically motivated individuals who name themselves Hezbollah - meaning Party of God. It is more like a Party of Satan.

I have often thought about this question regarding Islam, and even though I accept the majority of Muslims, I keep coming back to the fact that even if we try to convince ourselves that there is a lot in common with religion, that it is not a religion of peace. I do not believe that Mohammed was a prophet of God. He did not ascend into heaven and he had nothing to do with the Holy Mount in Israel. These stories are nothing more than an attempt to grab land. They are historical revisionism.

There are very devout Muslims in the world who do not go out and riot in the streets. They do not demonstrate against their neighbours either. They are devout because of the holy love that they have for God. However, the Islamofacists have attempted to put a new spin on the meaning of devout. The promise of 72 virgins in heaven for one who is prepared to kill himself in the name of political power, is based upon the worldly desires of men. It is not reality and it has nothing to do with the Kingdom of Heaven.