Monday, January 26, 2009

kill the unborn - hand out contraceptives that can kill to boost the economy

Gateway Pundit: Pelosi Tells ABC Birth Control Will Help Boost Economy

The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi believes that funding birth control - aka abortion funds being given to Planned Parenthood and other abortion mills will boost the economy.

I guess, Nancy is an admirer of Malthus and Mills.

What has not been said but can be implied here is that families that have children with birth defects are considered to be a drain upon the economy. One can imagine a lot of other things about this way of thinking. It is very harmful.

If Obama gets these measures wrong the world economy will be screwed

There were many things that Congress put in place during the Clinton presidency, and it was 8 years later that there was a giant sneeze - much more than a hiccup - when the excesses from the Bush and Clinton periods came to a sudden halt. There is no doubt in my mind that the rot was put in place during the Clinton years.

All the same, now that Umbama is president of the United States, he is the one that has to face the
rapid slowing of the USA economy as well as a rapidly slowing world economy. If he gets the ecomonic measures wrong - and looking at the proposed packages I do fear that the measures being suggested will make matters worse, not better.

More and more people are being thrown out of work now than a few years ago, although many who lost their jobs early last year are still unable to find new ones. The pressure is there to give these people a welfare package. However there is a cost involved in handing out this money without getting something in return.

Amongst the measures being considered by the Umbama administration are:
  • cutting the working week to try and avoid retrenchments;
  • paying companies to cut working hours (this is a bad idea)
  • a tax cut to all taxpayers including low income earners who do not already pay tax;
  • spending on alternative energy (a waste of money);
  • money to build an extended energy grid;
  • make federal buildings more energy efficient;
  • money to weatherproof homes;
  • protection of health insurance cover for 8 million at risk of losing their cover;
On top of this there is concern about the health of the banking sector. Throwing funds at this sector is not going to bring about reform which is needed - reform is necessary because of the excessive salary packages in that sector which means the shareholders and other stakeholders were losing out.

Policies on the fly, which will probably be the hallmark of this presidency could be very harmful to the US economy and since when America sneezes, the world sneezes too, it could be worse for the rest of the world. Socialist policies do not always work, if anything they tend to entrench the unemployed, taking away their incentive to want to work. It is a very fine line to get this right.

Sadly, Mariana Bridi da Costa has passed away

20 year old Mariana Bridi da Costa was a model with a promising future, until she got an infection. Mariana was misdiagnosed with kidney stones, and she fell very ill on December 30, 2008. An attempt was made to save her life by amputating her hands and feet after she developed septicaemia. Sadly, Mariana had further complications, and her health continued to deteriorate.

The strange thing about this story is that late last year a friend of mine was holidaying in Greece when she was struck with a sudden illness, and she died from speicaemia. My friend was over 60, and Mariana was just 20.

This story has a little bit of "duh" information - or I told you so

According to this report the number of abortions performed on teenage girls who have had at least one termination of pregnancy has risen by something like 70% "fuelling fears that terminations are being carried out for lifestyle reasons"

In 2007 5,897 teenage girls had their 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th termination, which is an increase from the 2,934 girls who had repeat terminations in 1991.

As far as I am concerned, it is 5,887 abortions too many, and this itself is due to the belief that terminations themselves are harmless.

What would be a better statistic right now is how many of these same young women who have been so foolish as to find themselves pregnant in the first place (discounting rape victims) have in fact being able to have a live birth or have children years after they had an abortion.

There are other issues at stake here. Issues such as the increased consumption of alcohol by teenage girls. I think that this is a separate and a side issue with regard to unexpected pregnancy because the girls have behave in an uninhibitative manner. In other words there is more than one issue that needs to be tackled.

There is a good example within the article of a young woman by the name of Lucy Lanelly. She has had 4 abortions under the age of 19. What is really bad about this report though, is that her mother and grandmother arranged for the terminations to take place. Another really bad thing is the age when she first became pregnant. A girl of 12 is too young to be engaged in intimate relations. Lucy blames the lack of sex education. I would say that sex education has in fact been playing a role - but not the reason given (in other words, the type of education given seems to be leading to widespread experimentation). Other possible reasons for this result could be the lack of moral direction in Lucy's life.

The increase in 2nd and third time abortions is most likely due to several factors and among them are:

  • "the inevitable fruit of a society that makes an idol of sexual pleasure" (Norman Wells)
  • "abortion has become more acceptable, easer to access for all age groups, better funded by the NHS" (Ann Fruedi)
Obviously the funding of abortion clinics has an impact on society, since people allow the breakdown of moral practices. One thing leads to another, and abortion clinics only serve to condone sexual immorality at higher and higher rates such that young girls are no longer innocent.

About Gillibrand

Will MSM Label Incoming NY Senator as 'Maverick Democrat?' |

I like the sound of this woman. she has sound principles.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Money to be wasted on the push for abortion

Family Planning Associations such as Planned Parenthood are nothing more than abortion mills. Using taxpayers' money to fund these abortion mills is going against the moral principles of a Christian nation.

The family planning organizations claim that they are trying to help women and children in the poorer nations but that is absolute garbage. Abortion funding and the pushing of abortion in those countries is not going to resolve the underlying problems that exist. It is the wrong answer for the crisis.

In those poorer countries girls are forced into marriage at a very young age. Most are no more than 12 years old when they are forced into marriage. They are too young to be having babies. They should be receiving an education. However, in those same poor countries girls are denied the right to an education.

Take Bolivia for example, the girls as young as 14 are forced to find work as maids, and yes some are forced into marriage. There is no such thing as real consent in these situations. The poverty cycle continues so long as girls are being denied the right to an education. However, do the liberals who scream for abortion on demand also scream about the rights of these children? No. There is a deafening silence on these very issues.

In the African nations, and in particular Sierra Leone, which is extremely poverty stricken the women are left without any proper medical care. Is it just about economics though? No. Sierra Leone, like a lot of other African nations is dominated by Islam. There is your answer - about how women are treated.

The aid workers should be expelled from these countries if they are going to advocate abortion as a panacea. They are just peddling more death and there will be a surge in maternal deaths, not a drop if these people are allowed to continue with this form of advocacy.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Animal rights activists in GB branded as urban terrorist - jailed.

The judge hearing the case against the animal rights activists known as "Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty" has branded the activists as urban terrorists. They have been jailed for a total of 50 years for their ruthless campaign of intimidation.

The group intimidated firms that had dealings with Huntingdon Life Science with the purpose of ending those relationships. The following is a list of their activities during their campaign of intimidation and blackmail:

  • sent letters to the neighbours of workers at the facility claiming that they were living next door to paedophiles;
  • sent hoax boms and items claimed to be contaminated with AIDS to homes;
  • at night they poured paint stripper on cars and daubed walls with words such as murderer and puppy killer

Vandalism: The extremists caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to property including the above car.
The court had heard how Shac had cost the companies they targeted $12.6 million in criminal damage and extra security. These people should not been seen as martyrs for the cause. They are criminal vandals and blackmailers.

The ringleader of this gang of vandals has even boasted about his effectiveness:
The 41-year-old told an interviewer: 'Whatever you think of us, you
have to admit one thing - what we do works. We have a 100 per cent
success rate. Whoever we choose to target is finished.'
Avery had launched a vicious campaign against Consort Bio services which included intimidating protests outside the homes of workers until the business was forced to close. This was followed by a campaign against Hillgrove Cat Farm in Wtney near Oxford which closed after the owner's wife was tied to a tree with a bag over her head.

Avery's initial campaign against Huntingdon was not successful so he decided to target shareholders and the "supply lines" by intimidating the staff of companies that provided them with materials and services.

Avery was also involved with a campaign of intimidation against Darley Oaks guinea pig farm in Staffordshire, which included the theft of the remains of the owner's mother-in-law.

Cat and mouse


I have to blog this story because I have seen how a dog and cat can also love each other and be together in harmony.

The cat’s name is Ranj and he is a lovely ginger tom. Can you tell I am partial to ginger cats?

Apparently it is nothing new for two cross breeds to bond like the cat and rat or like Skittles and Ruby. Below is an example of an orphan elephant bonding with a sheep.

Themba the elephant, pictured above, became attached to Albert the sheep after he became orphaned at just six months of age.

In other cases, different species connect after the loss of a mate.

'It's amazing what animals do when they want to bond and be close to each other,' Mark Bekoff, a professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado, told Animal Welfare Institute Quarterly.

Monday, January 19, 2009

New York hails pilot who landed jetliner in Hudson River

The Hudson River New York has been the scene of a dramatic landing for a stricken aircraft. The pilot, Chesley B. Sullenberg III, an ex-USAF fighter pilot and a professional pilot for 40 years, made what has been described as a text-book landing, thus saving the life of all 155 on board the A320 Airbus.

The plane had just taken off from La Guardia airport, when it crossed the path of a flock of geese. There was a thud and both engines lost power. The geese also hit the windshield of the aircraft. The captain of the plane took the controls from the co-pilot so that the co-pilot could concentrate on trying to restart the engines. Sullenberg notified the control tower that there had been an incident and that both engines had lost power. They briefly discussed action to be taken for a landing. Sullenberg ruled out returning to La Guardia and then ruled out Teterborough airfield in New Jersey. There was a high risk of a greater tragedy by attempting either landing. The only avenue left was to attempt the landing on the water.

Sullenberg knew that he had to get this landing right, and he narrowly missed a bridge as he approached a point an area of the river that would mean the best chance of a rescue. He managed to do everything necessary to execute the perfect landing on water such that the airplane did not break up on landing. The passengers were ordered to brace for a hard landing, and they did. The cabin-crew gave quick instructions before sitting and bracing for the landing on the water. Unfortunately one member of the crew has been injured. As soon as the plane landed the cabin crew and passengers went into action. Women and children were the first to exit, followed by the other passengers, and finally the captain of the aircraft. He paced the length of the aircraft twice before leaving, making sure that no one was left on board the sinking plane.

The crash is now the subject of an investigation. The investigation will include what went wrong – why did the engines lose power? In other words verifying that there was a double bird-strike. It will also investigate what went right during the flight and subsequent landing and rescue of the passengers.

There are lessons to be learned from every aircraft accident. This one is different because a tragedy was prevented. No doubt pilots will now practise in their flight simulators the steps taken by Sullenberg to safely land his bird on the water. In the past few days comparisons have been made between this landing and that of the plane that crashed off Ethiopia. The footage of the Ethiopian crash shows that the plane had banked before it hit the water – in other words it was not absolutely straight. However, in that incident the cabin crew were most likely fighting with the hijackers who were on board, and therefore the pilot did not have the ability to be able to straighten the plane prior to the crash into the sea. It is in fact not a very good comparison because of the extraordinary circumstances.

It is a miracle that no one died as a result of this incident and calling it a miracle does not in any way discount the actions of the aircrew as well as that of the passengers, and the rescue workers. What we saw was a well coordinated effort that saved 155 lives. The man who made that happen is Chesley B. Sullenberg.

Dramatic video of crash landing in the Hudson River NY

BBC NEWS | Special Reports | A pilot's eye view of NY crash flight

It is worth checking out this dramatic footage of the landing of the Airbus A320 in the Hudson river. The passengers are seen scrambling out of the emergency exits within seconds of the landing on the river.