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More on the Israeli strike on Syria

I have reported on this issue a few times and here is some further information from the Counterterrorism blog on why Israel felt that it was necessary to strike the nuclear facility inside the Syrian border:

Interestingly, while North Korea has been mentioned many times, the role of Iran has not been scrutinized.
I just wrote a piece for the Middle East Times on that topic.
Here is an excerpt:
Israel has been providing intelligence and satellite images to the U.S. about a secret Syrian nuclear program for several months, according to media reports. Discussions between Israel and the United States took place last summer regarding a possible strike. But when Israel found the matter so pressing that when they realized the U.S. was not ready to act, on September 6 they attacked a Syrian nuclear site. Hence the question: what is Syria really up to or more to the point what is Iran up to?

First, let's start with an underreported explosion that occurred in a Syrian military base outside Aleppo on July 26. Jane's Defense Weekly reported, citing Syrian defense sources, as saying the explosion took place during a test to fit a "Scud C" missile with a mustard-gas warhead. It quoted the sources as saying the explosion occurred when fuel caught fire in the missile production laboratory.

But there might be another explanation. Kuwait's Al Seyassah newspaper recently reported that a Shiite Lebanese religious cleric claimed the Iranians were allegedly supervising a chemical weapons manufacturing program and that tens of Iranian experts and engineers died as a result of that explosion. He also said Israelis attacked the base. He added that Western officials told him they received proof from Israel on the Syrian chemical weapons program. Even if Israel's involvement is not proven, what remains sure is that it must be very happy that a chemical weapons facility in Syria has been partly destroyed.

You can read the story here

Archaeologists claim that they have found the Lupercale in Rome

For those of us who are familiar with the story concerning the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus, the announcement that the Lupercale has probably been found is most interesting. The site was revered by ancient Romans as being the site where a wolf suckled the twins Romulus and Remus after they were found abandoned in the river Tiber. The site itself was revered by Augustus Caesar who was the Roman Emperor at the time of the birth of Jesus Christ.


ROME, Italy (AP) -- Archaeologists on Tuesday unveiled an underground grotto believed to have been revered by ancient Romans as the place where a wolf nursed the city's legendary founder Romulus and his twin brother Remus.


The vaulted sanctuary is buried inside Palatine hill, the palatial center of power in imperial Rome.


A symbol of the Roman Empire was found atop the sanctuary's vault.



Decorated with seashells and colored marble, the vaulted sanctuary is buried 52 feet inside the Palatine hill, the palatial center of power in imperial Rome, the archaeologists said at a news conference.

In the past two years, experts have been probing the space with endoscopes and laser scanners, fearing that the fragile grotto, already partially caved-in, would not survive a full-scale dig, said Giorgio Croci, an engineer who worked on the site.

The archaeologists are convinced that they have found the place of worship where Romans believed a she-wolf suckled Romulus and Remus, the twin sons of the god of war Mars who were abandoned in a basket and left adrift on the Tiber.

Thanks to the wolf, a symbol of Rome to this day, the twins survived, and Romulus founded the city, becoming its first king after killing Remus in a power struggle.

Ancient texts say the grotto known as the "Lupercale" -- from "lupa," Latin for she-wolf -- was near the palace of Augustus, Rome's first emperor, who was said to have restored it, and was decorated with a white eagle.

That symbol of the Roman Empire was found atop the sanctuary's vault, which lies just below the ruins of the palace built by Augustus, said Irene Iacopi, the archaeologist in charge of the Palatine and the nearby Roman Forum.

Augustus, who ruled from the late 1st century B.C. to his death in the year 14, was keen on being close to the places of Rome's mythical foundation and used the city's religious traditions to bolster his hold on power, Iacopi said.

"The Lupercale must have had an important role in Augustus' policies," she said. "He saw himself as a new Romulus."

Andrea Carandini, a professor of archaeology at Rome's La Sapienza University and an expert on the Palatine, said the grotto is almost certainly the "Lupercale."

"The chances that it's not are minimal," said Carandini, who did not take part in the dig. "It's one of the greatest discoveries ever made."

Most of the sanctuary is filled with earth, but laser scans allowed experts to estimate that the circular structure has a height of 26 feet and a diameter of 24 feet, Croci said.

Archaeologists at the news conference were divided on how to gain access to the "Lupercale."

Iacopi said a new dig would start soon to find the grotto's original entrance at the bottom of the hill. Carandini suggested enlarging the hole at the top through which probes have been lowered so far, saying that burrowing at the base of the hill could disturb the foundations of other ruins.

The Palatine is honeycombed with palaces and other ancient monuments, from the 8th-century B.C. remains of Rome's first fledgling huts to a medieval fortress and Renaissance villas. But the remains are fragile and plagued by collapses, leaving more than half of the hill, including Augustus' palace, closed to the public.

Culture Minister Francesco Rutelli said the first area to benefit from an extensive, $17.5 million restoration of the hills' ruins will be Augustus' palace, scheduled to reopen in February after being closed for decades.



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You can name a child Mohammed, but not a teddy bear - give me a break!!

An English teacher has been arrested in Khartoum because children in her class named a teddy bear that she intended to be used for instructional purposes, Mohammed.

The offense is insulting Islam, which is an offense under the Sharia rules in the Sudan.


KHARTOUM, Sudan (CNN) -- A British teacher arrested in Sudan after allowing her class to name a teddy bear "Mohammed" has been charged by authorities with offending religion, British officials say.


An undated amateur photo of Gillian Gibbons.

Gillian Gibbons, 54, is being held by police in the capital Khartoum after she asked her class of seven-year-olds to come up with a name for the toy as part of a school project, Robert Boulos, the head of Unity High School told CNN.

It is expected that she will appear in court Thursday, Sudan state media reported.

A British Foreign Office spokeswoman said Gibbons had been charged under Article 125 of Sudan's constitution, the law relating to insulting religion and inciting hatred.

The spokeswoman said the Sudanese ambassador had been summoned to the offices of the British Foreign Secretary David Miliband to discuss the case. Gibbons was arrested under the country's Islamic Sharia law after parents of some of her students complained to police.

Paris Riots Redux - Sarkozy denounces those who shot at police


The French President has made it clear that the rioting that broke out after two minors who had stolen a motorcycle and drove it into the path of a police car died at the scene of the accident.

To date there has been three days of rioting in scenes that remind us of the previous riots caused by the minority rabble of Paris.

PARIS, France (AP) -- French President Nicolas Sarkozy said Wednesday that rioters who shot at police would be brought to justice and called the violence that rocked Paris suburbs "absolutely unacceptable."


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It was the first time Sarkozy, who had just returned from China, entered the fray since the rioting broke out Sunday night.

The violence ebbed Tuesday night after police were deployed in force and quickly rounded up youths lobbing Molotov cocktails and setting cars ablaze.

The violence has drawn comparisons with riots that raged through suburbs nationwide in 2005, and has shown that anger still smolders in poor housing projects where many Arabs, blacks and other minorities live largely isolated from the rest of society.

"We will find the shooters," and they will "be brought to account before justice," Sarkozy said after meeting with a wounded police captain hospitalized in Eaubonne north of Paris.

The violence erupted Sunday after the deaths of two minority teens whose motorscooter collided with a police car in Villiers-le-Bel, a blue-collar town on Paris' northern edge.

Residents claimed the officers left without helping the teens. Prosecutor Marie-Therese de Givry denied that, saying police stayed on the scene until firefighters arrived.

Sarkozy described the teens' deaths as "distressing." But he added: "Shooting at police has no link to this incident."

The French president was meeting Wednesday morning with the families of the two teens who died, and with the mayor of Villiers-le-Bel before having a security meeting with his top ministers.

While cars were set ablaze for a third night Tuesday, officials said the violence was less intense than the two previous nights. Interior Minister Michele Alliot-Marie said the overall situation was "calm." Still, she said on Europe-1 radio, police presence would remain reinforced "as long as necessary."

She said 39 people were arrested in the Paris region Tuesday night.

Bands of young people set more cars on fire Tuesday in and around Villiers-le-Bel. In the southern city of Toulouse, 20 cars were set ablaze, and fires at two libraries were quickly brought under control, police said.

The previous night, 82 officers were injured, 10 of them by buckshot and pellets, the police force said. The use of firearms -- rare in 2005 -- added a dangerous dimension.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Saudi promises a review of Qatif rape case

Prince Saud al-Faisal has promised to have a review of the case of a girl who has been sentenced to 200 lashes because she was raped.

In a typical Islamic fashion the Saudi authorities claim that they are receiving unfair criticism over the case. Al-Faisal is more concerned about the press coverage than about the punishment given to the girl, and then the attempt to claim that she was an adulteress.

Hamas will most likely not honour any peace settlement that is brokered by George Bush

The BBC reports that the Islamist movement HAMAS has reportedly stated that Palestinians will not be bound by any decisions taken at this weeks US-backed Middle East Peace talks. Ismail Haniya, the leader of HAMAS in Gaza, who is not attending the talks, has described the discussions as "fruitless".


Several of the Hamas leaders met at the Palestinian Parliament in Gaza city to sign a document stating that Mr Abbas had no right to make concessions in any peace deal.

"The people believe that this conference is fruitless and that any recommendations or commitments made in the conference that harm our rights will not be binding for our people," Mr Haniya said as he entered the building.

"It will be binding only for those who sign it."

Mr Haniya was dismissed by Abbas from his position of prime minister of a national unity government in June, shortly after Hamas seized control of the Gaza strip from the president's Fatah movement.

Hamas is designated a terrorist organization by the USA and Israel and is not represented at Annapolis.

It seems that Hamas is only interested in perpetuating the myth that Israel is occupying Palestinian land, but this is clearly not true. Historically, the Palestinians did not exist until around the 1920s. Gaza was won in the 6 day war, and Israel was entitled to occupy that territory. The same goes for East Jerusalem. It does not belong to the Palestinians. Therefore, we should take heed of the following (threatening) words of Mahmoud Zahhar:

Another senior Hamas leader in Gaza, Mahmoud Zahhar, told the BBC that even if the group had been invited, it would be pointless participating because Israel was not prepared to end the occupation of Palestinian land.

"We are very proud that we are not involved in this conference which will bring for us nothing," he told the BBC World Service.

"We don't believe that this is a real peace process, because without fulfilling our basic demand it will be just as previous agreements reached and unable to be practised practically on the ground," he added.

"Abu Mazen [Mahmoud Abbas] is not representing the majority of the Palestinian people."

Palestinian officials say, however, that as chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), Mr Abbas is entitled to negotiate on behalf of Palestinians. Agreements are signed between Israel and the PLO.

UK gives superbug alert outside of the hospital environment

The BBC reports that experts are warning that bugs such as MRSA have been spreading in the wider community environment. They want doctors to be alert to the most dangerous form of MRSA that can attack the lungs and may strike young people in particular.


Panton Valentine leukocidin (PVL) strains of community-acquired MRSA can cause a condition called necrotizing pneumonia, which destroys lung tissue.

This only affects a minority of those infected, but can be deadly.

"These new strains of bacteria appear to be able to stick to damaged skin and airways better than the hospital MRSA strains, and they can also multiply at a faster rate," says Dr Marina Morgan, of the Royal Devon and Exeter Foundation NHS Trust.

So far these strains are mainly spreading in the US, where 12% of all MRSA cases are community-acquired, but the UK has seen an increasing number of cases.

It is unclear why children seem to be at particular risk, but the speculation is that older people in the community have fewer cuts and abrasions - a key transmission route - and have less contact with other people.


Nursing home threat

Meanwhile, Irish researchers are examining a new breed of bacteria which carry enzymes called extended spectrum beta lactamases (ESBLs), which are capable of destroying a many common antibiotics.

They include a strain of E. Coli, which is spreading into nursing homes and communities across Europe.

This was held responsible for a severe outbreak of cystitis, a bladder infection, in the UK between 2003 and 2004.

"Although cystitis is not life threatening, it is the most common form of urinary tract infection, and the economic consequences of failing to treat an outbreak quickly and properly are considerable," said Dr Dearbhaile Morris, of the National University of Ireland.

"In severe infections, patients may suffer serious complications if the first antibiotic given to them does not work."

Mark Enright, professor of molecular epidemiology at Imperial College, said he was "not surprised" by the findings.

"The emergence and spread of ESBL E. Coli does give physicians problems in providing proper initial care for some patients especially those with urinary tract infections."

He added: "The control of infections in many nursing homes is inferior to hospitals despite the medication and specialist care required by some residents."


Sunday, November 25, 2007

More on My experience with Traffic Exchanges - bonus credits & referrals

When I first began to use the Traffic Exchanges, I had no real intention of promoting other exchanges, but I needed to promote more than my blogs, so I decided to use the splash pages and other promotional materials. This week has been very exciting because I started to get my first referrals from the exchanges. Big Ben Hits has provided me with 5 random referrals. It was a real thrill to start getting these, especially when I have been heavily promoting that particular site anyway. Then I received a direct referral from EasyHits4U, and another random referral on Traffic Exchange Twist (I like that site), then another direct referral from Black Dragon Surf, plus a direct referral from Surfin Wild. These referrals have changed the way in which I had started to use the exchanges, because now I am looking for the best possible ways to promote these other exchanges.


There are two sites that have really caught my attention from the point of view of being very worthy of promotion. The first site is Big Ben Hits. The owner of the site, Eddie Ball ( a distant relative perhaps?) has cancer, and he is giving profits from his traffic exchange activities to various cancer charities in the U.K. I think that this is a very worthy cause, especially when my next older sister died as a result of bone cancer at the age of 52. The other site is being run by a Roman Catholic priest and the beneficiaries are children in a remote village in Burundi. I am having success in promoting the banners for his site, but so far there have not been any direct hits.


Some of the new sites that I have discovered this week have very good statistics, including the number of times that a referral page is seen on another exchange. From these statistics I have a general idea with regard to exposure of these sites. So far I have not had any serious bites, but I am also hopeful that someone will take a look and join up to these particular exchanges.


The other thrill of the week has been bonus credits, especially on Surfin Wild. Now this is a really good exchange if one is competitive because there are lots of bonus credits, and I have earned 10, 20 and 30 credits at a time. Once again the winning of the credits has added to that feeling of excitement with regard to participation. Now this excitement could cause a person to go overboard, and yes I have been guilty. The list of exchanges has been steadily growing. What I am learning is how they operate, how best to calculate the number of credits required to maintain my presence with that particular provider and surf as many sites as possible, as well as attend to the animals, cook meals, attend Mass, and eat.

The real disappointment this week has been the change of format for Pooh Bear Surf. I felt that the new script and format was so bad that in the end I have made the decision to cut my membership and concentrate my efforts elsewhere. There are plenty of new players in the field and there are literally hundreds of exchanges. When I tried Global Hits and Pooh Bear Surf together, I found that the new exchange was extremely unfriendly for newbies. I could not truly stick it out. I dropped my membership of Global Hits immediately when I discovered that it does not have a log out. I dropped Sugarland Hits for a similar reason, and it was not in the slightest bit friendly. However, today, after writing a not to Earl, and receiving a reply and tried again but decided that it was a bad joke. The surf ratio appears to have been reduced and there is little option for surf bonuses.


If these owners had really wanted to find a new script for their exchanges, then they could have chosen at least 3 other types that are more user friendly - none of them being AMCS. They could have had a far better exchange by using the ALTE script instead. What they have is just so clumsy when compared to what I considered to be sites that have good variety (including playing CRAPS).





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Friday, November 16, 2007

Learning to Use the Traffic builders and a neat Surf Centre

I have been on an interesting learning curve with these Traffic Exchanges. I have stumbled upon 2 today that have kept my interest going. The first one has a Hangman surf bar. You play the game as you are surfing. You need to choose one letter for the game and wait for the timer then click on the correct image to advance to a new page to view. What is really neat about the way the program handles the game is that you can win lots of credits. I was a winner three times and with one game I was able to win 45 credits.

Top Surfer has the choice of several traffic bars. Today I played bingo which was interrupted by a frame breaker. However, on the next game I managed to win 25 credits. The surf bar lacks the interactive features of Magik Surf. There are a variety of these games with Top Surfer. Yesterday I tried the Solitaire and yes, I did win once. However, I have not been winning any of the extra credits that are supposed to roll up. The wheel always comes back to zero.

The other site that I found, beside Magik Surf is Traffic Battle. It seems to be an older site than some of the others that I have joined. Now this site has a limited surfing session, but it has more reward pages. The pages are pictures of castles and you have to click on any spot within the picture to see if you can find gold coins. As a free surfer, I am limited to 31 pages for the rewards. However, there is one neat feature with the rewards, and I did win 3 extra surfing pages. This meant I had an extra go with the rewards.  Yes, I found gold coins, silver coins, cash and extra credits for surf pages. I would be happy to surf around 30 pages a day on such an exchange. I am doing it for fun.

Now, on this exchange I have had my first experience of attempting to build my own downline builder. I have only added one traffic exchange, and I am limited to 10, but at the same time I could access the Old traffic builder, add my information and voila, I have a referral page. Almost all of the exchanges that I have successfully negotiated have a traffic builder, and there is also Traffic Tornado which is suitable to use as a Traffic builder. Today I managed to fill out information on the Smiley Traffic site, and then I placed that builder on one of the other exchanges.

However, what is even better than my experience on that exchange is Soaring4Traffic, the exchange that is run by Ray White. This is a very well set up exchange, and Ray has taken the time to provide newbies like myself with training materials. I am managing without having to access the materials. This site has one of the neatest features that I have so far struck and that is the Surf Centre launch pad. First of all you enter any id numbers that you own in the traffic builder. Then you start creating your own list of sites because this is not a referral site per se, but it is for one's own use. I find it a very useful device because it lists all the exchanges, and it shows when you last visited the site and how long you were there.  With more than 20 sites that i am presently surfing I find this feature to be invaluable.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Evaluating the Traffic Exchanges - What I like and what I dislike pt 1

My surfing habits have been keeping me from updating my blogs - now that is very bad. However, this has given me some fresh ideas about one way I can express myself, as I will start to evaluate the various traffic exchanges, especially their strengths and weaknesses. I will say right now that I like using a traffic exchange which will accept my blog, and in return does not accept the blogs that are full of profanity (this is one problem with surfing Blog Explosion).

The first Traffic Exchange that has really got me surfing is Royal Surf. In the short time that I have been a member, I have managed to surf more than 5000 pages. I have been on other exchanges for a longer period of time and am barely over 1000 or even 100 pages for that matter. So what did get me going with Royal Surf? It is the type of competition. However, since they changed the format I have not been so consistent.

Royal Surf is based upon the idea of participating in a joust. In the old game, which lasted a week, one had to surf to get a spot in the top teams. I was so competitive that I made it to the top Kingdom, which was Cavelot. Then they changed the game so that we now use more strategy. I must admit to getting a real buzz from making it into Cavelot and getting the bonus points at the end of the week. I did a lot of hard surfing to make my target. It was real fun.

The new game is one that involves more strategy. You have to plot a path from the top to the bottom of a map, and there are hidden things on the map. In my first attempt to get to the bottom of the page, I had a victory plus I had 4 bronze coins. I did not quite complete the second quest, but came very close and I had several bronze coins. A victory means that there are bonus points for every bronze coin that is found. I am not even close to being on the leader board because I am not a power surfer.

Anyway, I like the setup at Royal Surf, and I like playing the game. The statistics are not so hard to understand. As one surfs there are rewards in about every 20 or so pages - usually 3 bonus points, and that means if you surf about 100 pages you get roughly 20 bonus points per day. In my short time at the exchange I have amassed over 800 bonus points and I am keen to have a statistic that indicates more than 1000 bonus points.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

More about Traffic Exchanges - not all things are equal

I am using the various exchanges as a "free" surfer. Some of these exchanges require that you surf at least once a week or face deletion. Others will give bonus credits and will activate the account only after surfing the designated number of sites. Now what if something goes wrong, like it did with the Big Ben Traffic Exchange? In this case the owner does not know if he was hacked or if his 7 year old daughter is a genius when it comes to hacking daddy's computer. However, I signed up again, so that is fine.

A lot of the exchanges are based upon the same format. Most of the owners and administrators are quite friendly, and I am pleased that they have allowed my blogs to be shown. However, there have been at least 3 others that have rejected my blogs. Since I write what is true, and there is no hate speech, I can only think that these owners are perhaps a little on the naive side when it comes to some very serious matters. I have no intention of inciting anyone to hate Muslims or other races e.g. Chinese or Indians.  My intention is to expose the hypocrisy of the MSM with their left leanings and at the same time expose the truth about the real aims of the Islamics. I report on the murder suicide attacks and I report on other matters relating to the Jihadis, but I do not encourage anyone to go out on the streets to demonstrate, or set fire to cars. I leave that kind of behaviour to the Islamics, but I do expect the MSM to also report on these happenings around the world.

The exchanges that I really love are the ones that are quite easy to use, such as Traffic Splash, Clicking Irish, Clicking Crazy, Majestic Hits, Medieval Hits, Surfin Wild and of course Royal Surf. I am not so keen on the ones with the longer timers, but they are not so bad from the point of view that I can still get people to view my blogs with them. Royal Surf has a new game and I am starting to understand the logic of the game. I had my first "joust" yesterday, and I had my first victory. As a result I earned extra bonus credits because I had picked up bronze coins as I trekked from the start to the finish. In the new game I have already picked up a pile of 3 bronze coins. This is very good if I win the joust for a second time. My strength increases each time I surf 50 sites, and this is an advantage for the joust. It pays to take time to get from start to finish and cover a lot more ground, rather than taking the fastest route to the finish. It is better to have picked up extra strength than to have surfed fewer sites before reaching the end. I have at least worked this out in playing a strategy game.

Traffic Splash and Clicking Crazy offer a series of games including pontoon. There are many times that I have lost, and it is always better not to place an actual bet, but play the game anyway. The format for these exchanges is really quite simple. What I like most about the exchanges that I have mentioned is the bonus hits that I receive. Some of the exchanges are quite generous with the bonus credits. This is one reason that I like Medieval Hits.

Then there is Traffic Dodgems. You do not earn hits per page surfed, but you earning them for bumping into the cars. The problem here is that two tokens after surfing up to 10 or more pages is not a very good return. Traffic Dodgems also has Dodgem  points that can be won after so many pages in rotation. These are added up during the week and the winners are awarded tokens. However, if you do not power surf every day, then forget about getting enough points to earn extra tokens. The same goes for Traffic at the races.


Most of the Exchanges require clicking on images, but some use colours, and others use numbers. All of these things are used to discourage cheating. I do not like the pop ups and I do not like the use of recorded messages when I am surfing on these exchanges. I have learned how to deal with the recorded messages, for I keep my sound off, just so that these people cannot annoy me.

20 Followers of the false prophet arrested

20 terror suspects arrested in Europe - International Herald Tribune

A Europe wide sweep has successfully disrupted an Islamic cell that was active in recruiting murder-suicide bombers for attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Italian police have announced the arrest of 20 suspects.

The Italian police said the suspects, mostly Tunisians had been arrested across Europe as part of the sweep against a cell based in the northern Italian region of Lombardy. In executing the arrest warrants, the police said that they found Qaeda training manuals for making explosives, detonation devices and poisons, and instructions of guerilla tactics.

The suspects were wanted on charges ranging from association with the aim of committing international terrorism to falsifying documents to aid illegal immigrants.

The group's members had been indoctinated in militancy in mosques since at least 1998. In one intercepted call, a suspected cell member said that "things are being done with extreme calm; hasted does not bring the desired results."

Eleven of the suspects were arrested in the Italian cities of Milan, Reggio Emilia, Imperia and Bergamo. Nine others were arrested on warrants issued in France, Britain and Portugal.

The Lomabardy cell has ties with a group of Islamics in the neighbouring Emilia Romagna whose aim is to establish an Islamic state extending from Morocco to China. Intercepted phone calls made clear the aim of sending murder-suicide fighters to Iraq via Syria, including specific instructions on shaving off beards before departure to give the "Impression of making a peaceful trip".

In Britain, the authorities said that two suspects have been arrested in London and Manchester and faced extradition to Ital. The men have been identified as Ali Chehidi and Mohamed Khermiri who are accused of forging documents to help volunteers enter Italy illegaly.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Mentally ill woman acquitted of son's murder

Woman acquitted of son's murder - National -

It is good to see that the judge in this case has considered the facts placed before her by taking into account the mental illness of the woman who had killed her 6 year old son. It is sad to think that she wanted to commit suicide, probably as a result of post natal depression, and that her religious beliefs led her to believe that she would have peace in the next life.

This is a case where there seems to be a family history of mental illness because the woman's mother had committed suicide the previous year. With this kind of background, the woman did not have the mental capacity to understand the nature of her actions.

She is free to leave the court but she must continue receiving psychiatric care, and perhaps in time she will recover from her psychosis.

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