Wednesday, November 07, 2007

More about Traffic Exchanges - not all things are equal

I am using the various exchanges as a "free" surfer. Some of these exchanges require that you surf at least once a week or face deletion. Others will give bonus credits and will activate the account only after surfing the designated number of sites. Now what if something goes wrong, like it did with the Big Ben Traffic Exchange? In this case the owner does not know if he was hacked or if his 7 year old daughter is a genius when it comes to hacking daddy's computer. However, I signed up again, so that is fine.

A lot of the exchanges are based upon the same format. Most of the owners and administrators are quite friendly, and I am pleased that they have allowed my blogs to be shown. However, there have been at least 3 others that have rejected my blogs. Since I write what is true, and there is no hate speech, I can only think that these owners are perhaps a little on the naive side when it comes to some very serious matters. I have no intention of inciting anyone to hate Muslims or other races e.g. Chinese or Indians.  My intention is to expose the hypocrisy of the MSM with their left leanings and at the same time expose the truth about the real aims of the Islamics. I report on the murder suicide attacks and I report on other matters relating to the Jihadis, but I do not encourage anyone to go out on the streets to demonstrate, or set fire to cars. I leave that kind of behaviour to the Islamics, but I do expect the MSM to also report on these happenings around the world.

The exchanges that I really love are the ones that are quite easy to use, such as Traffic Splash, Clicking Irish, Clicking Crazy, Majestic Hits, Medieval Hits, Surfin Wild and of course Royal Surf. I am not so keen on the ones with the longer timers, but they are not so bad from the point of view that I can still get people to view my blogs with them. Royal Surf has a new game and I am starting to understand the logic of the game. I had my first "joust" yesterday, and I had my first victory. As a result I earned extra bonus credits because I had picked up bronze coins as I trekked from the start to the finish. In the new game I have already picked up a pile of 3 bronze coins. This is very good if I win the joust for a second time. My strength increases each time I surf 50 sites, and this is an advantage for the joust. It pays to take time to get from start to finish and cover a lot more ground, rather than taking the fastest route to the finish. It is better to have picked up extra strength than to have surfed fewer sites before reaching the end. I have at least worked this out in playing a strategy game.

Traffic Splash and Clicking Crazy offer a series of games including pontoon. There are many times that I have lost, and it is always better not to place an actual bet, but play the game anyway. The format for these exchanges is really quite simple. What I like most about the exchanges that I have mentioned is the bonus hits that I receive. Some of the exchanges are quite generous with the bonus credits. This is one reason that I like Medieval Hits.

Then there is Traffic Dodgems. You do not earn hits per page surfed, but you earning them for bumping into the cars. The problem here is that two tokens after surfing up to 10 or more pages is not a very good return. Traffic Dodgems also has Dodgem  points that can be won after so many pages in rotation. These are added up during the week and the winners are awarded tokens. However, if you do not power surf every day, then forget about getting enough points to earn extra tokens. The same goes for Traffic at the races.


Most of the Exchanges require clicking on images, but some use colours, and others use numbers. All of these things are used to discourage cheating. I do not like the pop ups and I do not like the use of recorded messages when I am surfing on these exchanges. I have learned how to deal with the recorded messages, for I keep my sound off, just so that these people cannot annoy me.

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