Friday, November 16, 2007

Learning to Use the Traffic builders and a neat Surf Centre

I have been on an interesting learning curve with these Traffic Exchanges. I have stumbled upon 2 today that have kept my interest going. The first one has a Hangman surf bar. You play the game as you are surfing. You need to choose one letter for the game and wait for the timer then click on the correct image to advance to a new page to view. What is really neat about the way the program handles the game is that you can win lots of credits. I was a winner three times and with one game I was able to win 45 credits.

Top Surfer has the choice of several traffic bars. Today I played bingo which was interrupted by a frame breaker. However, on the next game I managed to win 25 credits. The surf bar lacks the interactive features of Magik Surf. There are a variety of these games with Top Surfer. Yesterday I tried the Solitaire and yes, I did win once. However, I have not been winning any of the extra credits that are supposed to roll up. The wheel always comes back to zero.

The other site that I found, beside Magik Surf is Traffic Battle. It seems to be an older site than some of the others that I have joined. Now this site has a limited surfing session, but it has more reward pages. The pages are pictures of castles and you have to click on any spot within the picture to see if you can find gold coins. As a free surfer, I am limited to 31 pages for the rewards. However, there is one neat feature with the rewards, and I did win 3 extra surfing pages. This meant I had an extra go with the rewards.  Yes, I found gold coins, silver coins, cash and extra credits for surf pages. I would be happy to surf around 30 pages a day on such an exchange. I am doing it for fun.

Now, on this exchange I have had my first experience of attempting to build my own downline builder. I have only added one traffic exchange, and I am limited to 10, but at the same time I could access the Old traffic builder, add my information and voila, I have a referral page. Almost all of the exchanges that I have successfully negotiated have a traffic builder, and there is also Traffic Tornado which is suitable to use as a Traffic builder. Today I managed to fill out information on the Smiley Traffic site, and then I placed that builder on one of the other exchanges.

However, what is even better than my experience on that exchange is Soaring4Traffic, the exchange that is run by Ray White. This is a very well set up exchange, and Ray has taken the time to provide newbies like myself with training materials. I am managing without having to access the materials. This site has one of the neatest features that I have so far struck and that is the Surf Centre launch pad. First of all you enter any id numbers that you own in the traffic builder. Then you start creating your own list of sites because this is not a referral site per se, but it is for one's own use. I find it a very useful device because it lists all the exchanges, and it shows when you last visited the site and how long you were there.  With more than 20 sites that i am presently surfing I find this feature to be invaluable.

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