Saturday, January 24, 2009

Money to be wasted on the push for abortion

Family Planning Associations such as Planned Parenthood are nothing more than abortion mills. Using taxpayers' money to fund these abortion mills is going against the moral principles of a Christian nation.

The family planning organizations claim that they are trying to help women and children in the poorer nations but that is absolute garbage. Abortion funding and the pushing of abortion in those countries is not going to resolve the underlying problems that exist. It is the wrong answer for the crisis.

In those poorer countries girls are forced into marriage at a very young age. Most are no more than 12 years old when they are forced into marriage. They are too young to be having babies. They should be receiving an education. However, in those same poor countries girls are denied the right to an education.

Take Bolivia for example, the girls as young as 14 are forced to find work as maids, and yes some are forced into marriage. There is no such thing as real consent in these situations. The poverty cycle continues so long as girls are being denied the right to an education. However, do the liberals who scream for abortion on demand also scream about the rights of these children? No. There is a deafening silence on these very issues.

In the African nations, and in particular Sierra Leone, which is extremely poverty stricken the women are left without any proper medical care. Is it just about economics though? No. Sierra Leone, like a lot of other African nations is dominated by Islam. There is your answer - about how women are treated.

The aid workers should be expelled from these countries if they are going to advocate abortion as a panacea. They are just peddling more death and there will be a surge in maternal deaths, not a drop if these people are allowed to continue with this form of advocacy.

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