Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Getting Ready for the big move

I have two weeks to go before the big move from Sydney to Canberra. Since I found out that we were going to move the time has been slipping away from me.

I have a lot of books, magazines, thread, shuttles, bobbins, yarn and cross stitch plus embroidery kits. I have already done quite a lot of packing of my goods, and I have been continuing to do a little bit each day.

It is hard to keep going all day because of my arthritis is active at the present time. When I began to start packing my books and magazines I would finish the day in quite a lot of pain. I could barely sleep at night because of the intensity of the pain when I remained on one side for too long during the night. So I am going at a much slower pace than my husband expects.

I have started on a different medication to see if I can bring the inflammation under control. I feel a lot better, and I am not as stiff, but the inflammation has continued. It makes me think that there is a link between this inflammation and the stress of having to move.

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