Sunday, September 09, 2007

Update on the Denmark Terrorism plot

The man behind the foiled Denmark terrorism plot had targeted the British and United States embassies in Denmark. The planned attacks were set to mark the 6th anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Centre.

The eight suspects who have been rounded up range in ages from 19 to 29 and they come from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Turkey. They are believed to be a part of the Al Qaeda network. It is believed that the group had received instructions from British based cyber terrorists who had been shut down earlier this year:

The British group's activities were stopped by an MI5 investigation earlier this year when three men were jailed for encouraging suicide missions using online forums and websites.

Their websites were also used as a secure communications centre by several senior Al Qaeda operatives, including two Bosnian-based terror chiefs known as "Maximus" and "Danish Turk".

The pair were jailed over a plot to mount a suicide attack against a Western embassy in Sarajevo.

And The Mail on Sunday understands that two of those arrested in Copenhagen had been in regular telephone contact with them and under longterm surveillance by Danish intelligence.

The arrest earlier in the year of the British group helped authorities to keep these terrorists under surveillance. It is work well done, but have they captured all concerned?

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