Friday, September 28, 2007

Welcome Neighbour

It is a truly wonderful experience when one arrives in a new place, and one of the neighbours comes along to say welcome. Matthew is only 27 years old, and whatever is in his past, there is just so much goodness, that I am certain he can make a real go of his life.

Matthew helped to carry the dog's kennel, and that has been the beginning of his helpfulness. He has been a really good Neighbour. He has made us feel welcome in the neighbourhood.

However, what is more outstanding is Matthew's thoughtfulness. He offered us the use of his lawnmower because he realized that since we were moving house that it was possible that ours was left behind to keep the lawns neat and trim. To my surprise, Matthew actually mowed the lawns for us. This is a truly wonderful gesture. In Matthew's words, it was his way of bringing around a fruit basket.

In all of the moves that we have undertaken since we have been married, this particular welcome has been the most touching and the most outstanding. To me, this is a young man who understands the truth of the Gospel message, even though he rejects religion at this point in time.

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