Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Burma shuts down last communication links

Burma shuts down last communication links | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited

I did not blog the situation in Burma because there were other bloggers who were doing an excellent job on the situation, however, this report did catch my eye because the military junta has been seizing computers and cutting links to the outside world so that there will be no more reports of their brutal crackdown. This is still a very serious situation. At this point in time we do not know the real situation of the Buddhist monks who led the demonstration. We have been told that they have been sent to prisons in the north of Burma or they have been locked up in their temples. Either way, if there is no communication with the outside world, anything could happen to these monks.

As it is, we do not know if the official death toll is too low. There are some bloggers who have suggested that the toll is a lot higher than the reported 10 or so protestors. We do know that a Japanese cameraman was murdered by the junta during the crackdown.

We need to watch this situation very closely because this military junta is a very brutal regime and the people of Burma are suffering as a consequence.

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