Wednesday, October 24, 2007

French Parliament adopts DNA Bill

A new immigration bill, introducing possible DNA tests for foreigners who want to join "relatives" already in France has been adopted by the parliament.

Supporters of the Bill say that it will speed up the process for genuine applicants and cite similar laws in other European nations, but the critics claim that the law is racists and question the use of genetics as a basis for citizenship.

How typical of the left to not see the wood for the trees. If there are DNA tests, then this gives the authorities a greater opportunity to monitor potential terrorists from contries such as the Sudan, Morocco, Nigeria and Algeria. It gives the authorities the opportunity to check the DNA of the person against the DNA of wanted and known offenders (whether for terrorist acts or otherwise).

Strict measure do need to be adopted against all foreigners if there is going to be any chance of preventing a terrorist disaster on the scale of the bombing of the New York World Trade Centre. I do not think that any nation can afford to continue with this pussy footing around that we have seen wherever the looney left is left in control of government and immigration policy. This is not about racism, since Islam is not a race, neither is Christian a race, it is about preventing criminals from entering into a European nation.

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