Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Madrid bomb plotters trial due to begin

The trial of 30 suspected Islamic militants accused of planning a series of bomb attacks on Madrid has started in Spain's high court. According to the BBC news, the alleged plot was uncovered just months after the 2004 train bombings that killed 200 people.

Prosecutors say they planned to drive a truck packed with 500 kg of explosives into Spain's High Court. The idea was to kill hundreds of staff and destroy evidence connected with anti-terrorist trials, including the March 2004 bombings.

The charges against the men, most of whom are either Algerian or Moroccan, include conspiracy to commit murder and membership of an armed group. Prosecutors say that the group's leader, Mohammed Achraf plooted the attacks from his prison cell. He is accused of organizing terrorist cells known as the martyrs of Morocco to carry out his schemes.

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