Sunday, December 09, 2007

More on my experiences with traffic exchanges

Over the past month or so I have been having a lot of fun with the traffic exchanges. Whilst I have cooled towards Royal Surf (mostly so that I can study the strategy necessary to always win against the "enemy" at the other end of the map), I have been finding more and more exchanges. My latest finds have included a very new exchange called Traffic Strike. As a member of another exchange and upon signing up, I was given a pro upgrade but on top of the upgrade was the challenge to enter 50 site URL's 30 banners and 30 text ads, and be awarded a very generous number of credits. The text ads are a challenge but I rose to the whole challenge and fulfilled the request within 2 days of this exchange starting.

I am delighted with the fact that at Surfin Wild I now have 7 direct referrals, Abundant Hits there are 2 direct referrals, and I have some other direct referrals. The big one is at Big Ben Hits where I have been getting a variety of random referrals and these are now going down to the next level. For once I can see how there is benefit in having these referrals. I really do hope that someone will pay for an upgrade soon. I am hoping that I will end up with sufficient cash earnings to pay for my own upgrade on this particular exchange.

Now I was encouraged to join something like Clix Sense, even though I had resisted joining that particular exchange. I made the decision because it said I could be a free member. However, there is a very nasty catch with Clix Sense and it is one that I personally do not appreciate. What I discovered is that there is no way that free members are likely to earn large amounts of money at Clix Sense. In fact the free member is restricted to two views at a time, worth $0.01 each. There is the carrot that the upgraded members get to view over 500 ads waiting for them. However, with no money to use for such an endeavour and I must admit that my own sense of "is this a scam?" also comes into play here, I made the decision that this was a very bad deal. On top of that, someone else on another exchange has sent out a warning that the people who run Clix Sense are the same people behind Storm Pay. I am not familiar with the controversy, but it seems that Storm Pay does not pay its users, and so there is the real possibility that there is a scam going on. What is worse, Clix Sense does not include a means of deleting the account. Most other exchanges give me the option of deleting the account, but not Clix Sense. So I wrote them an email and yes, my account was deleted as requested.

There are alternatives to Clix Sense and they are better paying alternatives for the free member like myself. I found one called Commercial earnings, and the first most pleasant thing I discovered upon joining is the fact that the free member has access to more views than the 1 or 2 at Clix Sense. This is very encouraging. I am hoping to accumulate some cash into a PayPal account so that I can start paying for other things on the Internet, and drawn down the balance of any earnings. However, this might take a while....

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