Sunday, February 08, 2009

Obama tries coercion to get his pork barrel through Congress

It is called an economic stimulus passage but from what I have been reading about what it contains it is nothing more than a payoff to those groups that supported the Obama campaign with a lot of nasty things thrown in for good measure. Since the Teflon President does not have economic credentials his package really needs to be given a good once over. It is nothing like the packages that were introduced during the Great Depression – when projects such as building the Hoover Dam were introduced. The package itself in the long term could be extremely harmful to the economy of the USA, as well as to the world economy.

Amongst the nasty proposals in the package is the unconstitutional conditions being applied to schools (including universities) that would make it impossible for any group of students to gather together for prayer and Bible study. This kind of condition has nothing to do with the separation of religion and the State – a concept that I agree with, but I disagree with the modern interpretation of that concept.

Another nasty was the signing of yet another executive order that will have dire consequences usually for white males in the construction industry. The executive order means that only contractors with unionized labour will be allowed to compete for the pork barrel projects. This is discrimination against those who do not want to join a union that uses coercive tactics in the first place. It will also have the effect of driving up costs associated with these projects. There is nothing wrong with belonging to a union but construction unions do have a certain unsavoury reputation. This new Teflon President is going at fast speed in doing everything that is bad for the USA.

Obama is now trying to use what I consider to be coercion tactics to get his pork-barrel through the Congress. If he succeeds with these tactics then things will be very grim in the USA. Obama warns that there could be a “catastrophe” if the package is not passed, but many think that if it is passed, without a lot of trimming then there will be something larger than a catastrophe, because this package is not going to stimulate the economy of the USA.

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