Sunday, September 02, 2007

A Bad Winter

If I had doubts about having Ankylosing Spondylitis, well after this winter I should have cleared up all such doubts. Yes, it has been a very painful winter this year. I have been in an arthritis flare since the beginning of July, and I have had trouble staying asleep at night. My back, arms, shoulders, knees, neck, elbows and feet all hurt at different times.

I had another bone scan this year. The result of that scan happens to be that if someone hurts me when squeezing my fingers then I have a good reason to poke that person in the eye. There were a lot of hot spots on the scan, including inflammation in my fingers. Then last week I had the bone density scan, and I got a very positive score - because my vertebrae is laying down new bone.

At the end of June I caught a chill, and that caused me to come down with a nasty cold that refused to go away. I suspect that these events have been the cause of the flare. Yes, I am hurting.

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dan said...

Sorry to hear that, Maggie. I hope the flare subsides soon, or that you are able to find treatment to help improve the condition or at least to cope. Take care!