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Hidden cache links child killer to unsolved murders -

Hidden cache links child killer to unsolved murders - National -

There are several cases in Australia that have involved the disappearance and murder of children that have never been solved. I was still a child when these murders and disappearances took place, but by the time the suspect was arrested for a murder at Warneet in Victoria, I was 15 years old. Yes, I remember hearing about almost every case that has been mentioned in relation to Percy. The disappearance of the Beaumont children in Adelaide and Linda Stillwell in Melbourne has remained a mystery, until now. The Wanda Beach murders had not been solved and until now there had been little progress in finding the killer. What is significant though, is that the murders and disappearances stopped after Percy was captured and put in prison for the rest of his life. There is one disappearance which I believe has not been resolved, and that was the child from Beaumaris, Eloise Worledge. I have not heard anything about this particular crime being solved...

Percy was put in prison in 1969, and it is only now that papers belonging to this man, and more than likely implicating him in the murders and disappearances have been found in storage in Melbourne. Permission was granted to interview the man, but despite his "insanity", he was sane enough to use the Carmen Lawrence plea - "I do not remember".

The evidence could be circumstantial, but on the other hand Percy wrote in explicit detail about the murders of the two girls at Wanda Beach, as well as that of Simon Brook in Sydney. He used to write about how he was going to capture and murder children. Further circumstantial evidence revolves around a response to a question that he gave to a detective who knew him at school, when he said "I might have". It is not proof of his guilt though.

This is a case that I hope to cover in more detail as more information is released. I admit it would be a relief to see these particular crimes resolved.

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