Friday, September 28, 2007

Moving Day - Continued

Tuesday was to be the big day for the uplift. I decided to play hooky for a while and join my friends at Castle Towers for the last time. When I got home after completing my tasks, I was surprised to discover that the removalists were later than expected. They arrived with a large truck, but before they had come to our place they had emptied the contents of the two containers and placed them in this van.

The team on the Tuesday was large, and the guys really got stuck into packing the remainder of what had to be packed. Even so, there were some items that had been missed. My two walking sticks that had been in the house were amongst the missed items. The team was unable to get the refrigerator through the door and so they decided to disassemble the doors. There were some other minor hiccups related to the removal activities but overall it was not too bad. I still think that our move with Independent Removals was the absolute worst that we had ever had to endure.

After the removalists had finished we went around picking up all the odd bits and pieces that we could find. These were mostly items that were going to be taken to the tip the next morning. At last we were able to leave the house and head back to the hotel. We were so very tired, sore and stiff.

The next morning I waited at the house for the arrival of the man to clean the curtains, and to speak to Alberto the cleaner. I gave a front door key to a friend so that he could let in the carpet cleaner the next day. Alberto was supposed to start early in the morning but he had some unexpected appointments. He came around midday, and then he stayed until after 7.00 that night. We had a call from Phillip because some leaking of water was discovered. We realized that this was the result of the water being sloshed about in the bathrooms upstairs. The water leakage dried out.  After David had been to the tip we had to load up the kennels and the animals into our respective cars for the trip to Canberra.

Ruby the dog went in David's car. She was hiding when he arrived from the tip, and I had get her lead attached to her collar. That was achieved, and it was time to get her into the car. Ruby sat down and refused to budge, but we finally managed to lift her into the car. I had already rounded up Skittles and placed her in the cat transport cage in preparation for the trip. I loaded her into my car, and finally we were ready to leave and head to Canberra.

Skittles began to make the loudest noise that comes out of her, which really showed her fear, and she continued until we hit the M7. She was very quiet for the remainder of the trip, and I was genuinely surprised to discover that she was in fact awake when we made a stop for a refill of petrol.

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