Friday, September 28, 2007

Moving Day has arrived - The Packers were Irish

The purchase for our new house finally went through without a hitch (only a few small hiccups). So, everything was in place for the move. It had been arranged that we were to have three days for the move, the first pre-pack day was to be the Friday, and another on the Monday, with removal of goods set for the Monday and Tuesday.

On the Friday I had a doctor's appointment for first thing in the morning, and David had to go and collect his car after it had been repaired due to the actions of a stupid woman who ran into the back of his car. He arrived home first and told them to go ahead and pack everything. He did not specify to them that they should not touch our bedroom.

To my surprise, when I went upstairs with the supervisor, I discovered that the Irish woman had packed up everything in our bedroom. All of the dressing table and bedside table drawers were empty. Even my dirty clothing had been packed into a box and simply labeled clothing. It was just as well that I do not keep my medication beside my bed because she would have packed my essential medications.

As a result of this I was concerned about my pearls that had been lying on the bedside table. So far I have discovered the necklace and the bracelet but the earrings are still missing. I have emptied a few boxes, recovered my jewelry boxes, but the pouch containing the pearls in the first place has not turned up just yet. Until that turns up and I find the earrings I feel quite anxious.

However, this is only the beginning of the tale about how Irish these packers really were, and yes, they were of Irish nationality. As I unpacked some of these boxes, it was to my amazement and amusement that I discovered that some long forgotten nail clippings had been packed with the rest of the contents of my bedside chest. I must admit that I am both flabbergasted and amused that the nail clippings were packed.

David had written a letter to the parish priest of our parish stating that we were leaving and that we would be ending our envelope contributions. He stated in that letter that the Sunday would be the last day for the contributions. Then he realized that the envelopes had been packed. So, on the Sunday I had to tell the parish priest that we would send the envelope to him because of the situation. However, I then went home and started getting into the boxes in our bedroom, and to my delight, I found the envelopes, and so I raced up to the church and handed the envelope to the Fr. John. At the same time, and I admit it resulted from my amusement over what he had to say about the fantastic win the Eels had over the Canterbury Bulldogs, and his further comment about the upcoming match against Melbourne Storm that I challenged him to a bet. However, I was not able to follow up with the challenge because I was busy on the Sunday and had to close down the computer on the Monday.

The next surprise about these Irish packers is that they packed everything (including items that packers and removalists do not normally take with them), and that included laundry powder and liquids, as well as the bathroom items. We had made the decision that since the packers had packed up our bedroom that we might as well make an extra night's booking in the hotel and let them pack up our bedding. All of our bedroom furniture was removed on the Monday.

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